Reiki Ranch, Art Gallery & Classes



Come enjoy a reiki(Life Force) treatment in the ambiance of the farm, surrounded by nature & the animals, and our wonderful reiki infused art work. The reiki center is within the walls of the art gallery that is set in a beautiful landscape of our circa 1724 farm, with many original stone buildings and barns, gorgeous landscape of many flowers & trees and our very own lake.

This beautiful setting provides a nurturing safe haven for your healing reiki experience. Unwind, relax, feel the peace, and rejuvenate.

Reiki treatments are approximately 1 hour, and the client is placed on a reiki table, fully clothed, face up for most of the treatment. A light healing touch of the practicioners hands in a series of positions, this non-invasive, ancient healing modality will restore your life force energy in body, mind & spirit.

Lauren is a certified Reiki Master of traditional Reiki who has years of experience, having completed 2 Masterships, one in 1997 with Diane Morgan, and a 2nd in 2009 with Amy Rowland.

Lauren is also available for reiki with pets & horses, and for pet & owner sessions, farm  & house calls.



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